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Program Votes


Welcome to the Wiki of the World Parliament Experiment

This wiki site is a new aspect of our project. You can post everything you consider to be important for our project here. It is generally meant for collaboratively drafting documents and agreements that are meant to define and explain how the Symbolic Permanent Online World Parliament is structured and will operate OR for drafting substantive proposals after they have been discussed in the Proposals Section, on the Forum, and/or in a Chat Session.

See our Help Page to find out how you can participate in this process.

For our planned activities in 2010 and 2011, please see: [1]

If you are interested in the technical improvement of the project: we created a test site for a WPE 2.0 technology here.

You can also help updating our Links page and contribute to our World Democracy Bibliography project and The WPE Booklet. If you have Questions about us, do not hesitate to go to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

For information on current WPE projects please visit the Community Portal.

The program

To the right is a set of links to decisions made by the provisional world parliament decision making and debating website. If there is something in this program you find weird, or do not agree upon, you are welcome to make a proposal for change by entering it into the Draft Proposals section.

Always read through the appropriate program section before making a proposal, in order to check out whether it has been already approved. If your proposal had not been proposed before you can enter it into the Draft Proposals area, where other people can help you with improvement and feedback, before your proposal becomes an official future vote on the main project site.

If it is already in the program we may still need to revisit it. Check how many people voted for it, whether it is well-worded and up-to-date. If you think it needs changing suggest that in the Draft Proposals area.

WPE Symbolic Permanent Online Parliament



Ways to help the WPE

Real Life events

See: Real Life events

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