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Welcome to The World Parliament Experiment: Wikimedia

This Community Portal is your introduction to the World Parliament Experiment, it contains information relating to the Experiment and its community activities.

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World Parliament Day February 22nd: WPE at the Student Festival in Trondheim, Norway

On February 22nd there was a historic opportunity for a World Parliament: ca. 400 participants from over 100 countries conducted a "World Parliament Experiment" on a whole "World Parliament Day" during the International Student Festival in Trondheim/Norway (

Attendees where acting as if they were a symbolic provisional World Parliament and they passed a resolution on the Sudan crisis and discussed the desirability of a World Parliament. After the meeting there have been chat follow ups on Mondays 13:00 CET.

More info about the meeting can be found on and

We have also created a new wiki website to prepare a follow-up event in 2008 on:

A draft schedule can been found on:

Rasmus Tenbergen WPE, Executive Director

WPE Finances

14 Jun 2005, we decided that there should be a part of the site where we decide what needs to be done practically, who will do it, and what the reward or payment for the activity will be. All work for the world parliament that is agreed upon by the world parliament members will be rewarded by minimum 1 Globo(=the world parliament internal currency)/hour. When more "normal" money like dollars or Euro comes to the WPE, Globos can be exchanged to hard currency, depending on how much money we will have. Go to the WPE Finances page to create an account for you, where you can list work that you have done, and how many Globos you claim for this work.

Applying this proposal

Getting started

Here are links to the user interface and configuration parameters:

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