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  1. Register on the main WPE site to participate in the main project
  2. Register on the WPE forum to participate in the forum discussions
  3. Subscribe to the email list to get all the necessary information about the project
  4. Participate in monthly chat meetings (announcements on email list)
  5. Sign up for WPE permanent working groups on to organize our efforts
  6. Sign up for the “Symbolic Permanent Online Parliament“ (SPOP) initiative and do the follow-ups mentioned there, in particular the confirmation that you can or cannot attend the next online meeting (if you cannot, you can give your vote(s) to another person)
  7. Join our WPE 2008 Facebook group
  8. Register on Globaldemo general site and WPE subgroups [1] and [2] to create a 2.0 version of our website or create new WPE subgroups there
  9. Invite others do to these registrations, mainly 1.

Important regular activities

  1. (Very important!) Write votes (and comments) on the main site by clicking on "create a vote". 1 vote every week would be very helpful
  2. Help to implement the decisions made, for example by writing to decision-makers and reporting on their responses. You can get an official mandate to do this by creating a "future vote" on the main website
  3. Comment on other people's initiatives (in particular new members) on the main site and related websites
  4. Write more detailed resolutions for the main website and for the SPOP initiative, like the resolution on Sudan at the 2007 ISFiT WPE
  5. Help to improve this wiki (also to prepare changes of the main page)
  6. Write something about yourself in your WPE profile
  7. Collect support for the general WPE project or for you personally by collecting signatures to increase the legitimacy of the project. This can be on paper or automatically on the main site. You can also use the "delegated voting" mechanism on the website to increase your personal voting power (see also phase 7 of the SPOP) . We will prepare a template text for this purpose, but will also try to find a mechanism to accept any other text you wrote yourself.
  8. Help us do the general organization of the project by your contribution to this list and/or to a more general business plan with deadlines and work divisions/responsibilities and/or to the the working group on general organization
  9. Help to prepare the next SPOP meeting, for example see the preparation of the October 2009 meeting

Philosphy, justification and documentation

  1. Write somthing about the philosophy/justification of the project related or not related to the essay by Rasmus (PDF)
  2. Write something about the WPE project in online fora, or improve the Wikipedia article
  3. Tell us if you see something writing about the project so that we can do some documentation
  4. Help us to do some documentation on this wiki

Legal work and real-life meetings

  1. Help us to do the legal work to organize the future legal structure of the WPE in a way that makes it more professional and more able to recieve funding
  2. Create regional or local WPE groups in a formal or informal way
  3. Organize regular real-life or online meetings of local or thematic subgroups
  4. Tell conference organizers about the WPE and explore the possibility of having WPE events during conferences, for example at the World Social Forum or at ISFiT


  1. Donate money to the project (to this bank account)
  2. Ask others to donate
  3. Create contact to individual donors or funding organizations
  4. Do research to find funding opportunities, example: http://www.project10tothe100.com/
  5. Help us write funding proposals like this one (PDF)
  6. Join our funding working group to improve the way we try to raise funds
  7. Let us know if you are willing to be a member of a WPE organization paying regular membership fees, if yes: how much?


  1. Help us improve the WPE technology by joining the group http://www.globaldemo.org/group/wpe-20-development
  2. Add your wishes to our technology wishlist on http://globaldemo.org/wikipage/1218
  3. Report bugs and other problems
  4. Help us deal with the shortcomings of the current technology by explaining things on the main website and the wiki
  5. If you are a coder, join the technology group on http://www.globaldemo.org/group/wpe-20-development and code parts of the wishlist


  1. Help us improve the presentation of the project by joining the presentation working group
  2. Create better presentation material (flyers, ppt presentations, buttons etc.)
  3. Help us improve the design of the website, you can use the wiki to do experiments
  4. Help us create an honorary board by asking famous and/or interesting people to support the project
  5. Create media contacts
  6. Ask journalists and bloggers to write about the project
  7. Write in your blog about WPE
  8. Improve the explanation texts on the website, for example on the main page
  9. Improve the website FAQ
  10. Translate WPE-related documents or parts of the WPE webpage to your language
  11. Add resources to the site on: http://globaldemo.org/resources
  12. Contact like-minded organizations and start collaborations

Other aspects

  1. Add the "to do" you consider to be important to this list

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