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The WPE SPOP is a global symbolic permanent online parliament and an initiative of the WPE (World Parliament Experiment).

This wiki is the main website of the WPE SPOP. The SPOP interacts with the general WPE on the main WPE site.

You will get all relevant information on the SPOP project if you subscribe to the SPOP Google group.



We, the members of the WPE SPOP initiative, believe that the world needs a parliament, directly elected by the people of the world based on one person, one vote and that we can create this institution from the bottom-up. We have therefore created the WPE SPOP initiative to show that it is possible.

We want to be "humble" and "ambitious" at the same time:

Humble: we know we are in the very beginning, we do not represent many at this time, in fact we do not claim to represent anybody who has not given explicit support to our initiative. We know this may look ridiculous or utopian to some, but we think that it requires courage to accept this and start the process because of its importance.

Ambitious: we believe that this project or a similar one has the potential to be supported by many, eventually even by the majority of the world population. The legitimacy of our claims depend "only" on the number of individual supporters.

Decision-making procedures

For our decisions we use standard democratic decision-making procedures during the meetings and the mechanism on the main WPE site to prepare and to confirm decisions. SPOP decisions are valid if they are presented as a "future vote" on the main site and get a majority. We plan to develop a special decision-making process for the SPOP project. We acknowledge that this procedure might not be ideal, but we believe it is easy enough to replace it when and if the SPOP has developed its own decision-making procedure.

Participating in the SPOP

How can I become a member of the SPOP initiative?

Simply add your name to the list of members.

We plan to go from self-appointed to elected membership as soon as possible in the second phase of the project, as laid out in Draft document 3.

Sessions of the WPE

The SPOP convenes every three months on the second Saturday (or Sunday if decided on request) of the quartal, noon GMT.

First Session

The First Session took place on Saturday 11 July 2009, with 21 participants.

Second Session

The Second Session took place on Saturday 10 October 2009, noon GMT.

- Agenda: http://worldparliament.a.wiki-site.com/index.php/Agenda_oct_09

- Transcript: http://worldparliament.a.wiki-site.com/index.php/Transcript_SPOP_October_2009

== ' Third Session' ==

The third session took place on Sunday, 10 January, 2010.

Agenda: http://worldparliament.a.wiki-site.com/index.php/Agenda_Jan_10

Transcript: http://worldparliament.a.wiki-site.com/index.php/Jan_10%2C_2010_trancript


We decided to change the format and (for the time being) have weekly skype calls on every Wednesday, 6pm GMT instead of the text chats. Please write an e-mail to rt@world-parliament.org, if you want to participate and do not know how. There is, for example no chat on February 20th or April 10th.

The next SPOP text chat will be on:

Saturday, July 31st, noon GMT.

For additional information, please see: http://worldparliament.a.wiki-site.com/index.php/Skype_invitation_17.2.10

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