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Program Votes



The main business of the WPE is voting. You can propose a vote at any time, at which point other members of the General Assembly can comment upon it and indicate whether they wish it to be a future vote. The most popular future votes go through to voting proper.

Under the WPE currently, you may vote YES, NO, or ABSTAIN.

New Proposals

According to an approved proposal from 26 Sep 2005, we have created this wiki page called ‘Draft Proposals’, where you are supposed to post your proposals, so that other people can help participants with improvement and feedback, before they become future votes.


A set of links to other organisations related to the WPE. click here

History of voting at the WPE

Below is a summary of the decisions made until now by the provisional world parliament on the world parliament experiment website. If there is something in this program you find weird, or do not agree upon, you are welcome to make a proposal for change, by creating a new future vote. We suggest you read through each section, in order to check out if someone already have proposed what you have in mind, before you create a new future vote.

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