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In April 2005, the WPE decided to create a booklet about WPE every year and an International Law Book, that could be used as promotion and information material. The thought is that it should contain information abot the WPE and summarize which decisions have been taken and what has been happening in the WPE relevant areas. We invite everyone to help creating this booklet using this Wiki page as a common working ground.

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Preliminary Lay-Out


Solutions for the future....

A report from the World Parliament Experiment.

1. Preface

2. Introduction A presentation of WPE and how it operates.

3. Background With the history of WPE and an overview of the movement for world democracy in general and the WPE's role within the movement.

5. Presentations of some of the most active world parliamentarians

6. Reports from events where the WPE has been represented

7. About the evolution of the WPE project and the decisions taken regarding the project development

8. The WPE decisions

9. A first draft of an International Law book international law compared to world law, which issues is the concern of world law, and which areas should be handled locally? A draft for a world constitution.

10. A vision for the future.

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