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Here comes all approved program proposals in this particular field of interest from the WPE pariamentarians, with the most recent one first!


Multilateral Condemnation of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity

created by aiabarcol (83) - 17 Oct 2006, 20:49

The United States is about to declare an all out war on the entirety of the Middle East and Southern Asia. Soon it will turn into a nuclear war. This could spell out untold difficulties for world agricultural production, as well as areas of habitability for those displaced and otherwise affected by this oncoming conflagration.

Currently, the US is not dropping bombs in North Korea and Iran, but they are planning on it. Russia, China, and Iran have all been wargaming different scenarios for the past two months, and Conplan 8022 (from the Pentagon) explicitly states that Iran will be the target of nuclear strikes if any future conflict breaks out either inside the US or abroad.

This is not a 'just war.' These are crimes against humanity. There will be nothing BUT "collateral" civilian casualties resulting from this planned action. Millions will die who have nothing to do with oil or oil production or legislation. I repeat, these are crimes against humanity.

This is monstrous, and it is the duty of mankind to cast its vote on this most pressing matter.

I propose that:

1) The leaders of the United States of America, and Great Britain be multilaterally condemned if the current state of world affairs should expand into a nuclear conflagration.


2) if a single nuclear device be detonated around, over or under an area which could cause significant loss of life and environmental destruction, I propose that the offending nation should be immediately charged with Crimes Against Humanity, and a case be brouth before the World Court. The offending parties should be able to be tried in absentia if they do not voluntarily participate within a tribunal proceeding.


3) there should be a tribunal system developed similar to the WPE which would enable a large body to decide the outcome of a given case of global magnitude without having to incur the large expenses of travelling all over creation. If World Parliamentary decisions can be made in an electronic environment, why can't World Judiciary decisions be made in such a way?

A media ban on terrorism

created by Mikael (928) - 09 Sep 2006, 21:46

Make an international media ban on terrorism! Terrorism is a disease that is spread thorugh media! Suggest to all governments, the EU and the UN to forbid all kinds of media to write about terrorism and terrorist attacks! Too write about terrorism in public should be affilated with heavy fines.

When nobody gives attention to the terrorists any more, they cannot spread the messages they want, and withouit attention, terrorism will certainly die away!

comment by Bruce: Terrorism is a misused non specific word and the word should be banned. The Iraq people, and other people using home made weapons to defend themselves are considered "terrorists" if they are on the "other" side. We need media to bring to our attention atrocities committed by any aggressor so we can stop this war-ring. Yes, 9-11 was a media blitz to solicit backing for the bush / blair agenda. Calling that attack terrorism was wrong. It was an attack on the USA. The individuals (not dead) who were involved should have been caught, tried and sentenced.

Iran’s Nuclear Programme

created by Fabian (621) - 17 May 2006, 18:31

I kindly ask you to support the following:

Iran should not be allowed to support a national civil nuclear programme. The risk is too large, that it will use the technical possibilities to build a nuclear bomb.

Bruce comment; Iran like all country's has the right and responsibility to provide energy etc. as it sees fit. There are methods which can diplomatically be agreed which reduce the concern you have.

Genocide in West Papua

created by swotty (964) - 05 Sep 2005, 12:28

The WPE condemns the USA’s economic and political support of the violence perpetrated by the Indonesian miliatary in West Papua. US companies are also to blame for the ongoing rape of the Papuan environment with unethical and destructive mining operations.

The WPE shares the grief of the Papuan Tribal Council at the losses it has already sustained to it’s people and environment.

West Papua, annexed violently by Indonesia (corruptly endorsed by a United Nations ‘referendum’) in 1963 and henceforth renamed Irian Jaya, is again experiencing an escalation of ongoing violence at the hands of the Indonesian miliatary. Local students have been incarcerated for raising a flag representing independence after many years of environmental and social destruction at the hands of US/UK owned mining company Freeport (of which Henry Kissinger is a director).

Members are urged to download the following interviews (from Australian public broadcaster Triple J radio) to find out more, preferably prior to voting. Interview 1 Interview 2 Interview 3

Members are also urged to download the full report; Genocide in West Papua? from the University of Sydney.

Rejection of Individual and State Application of Terror

created by Jermani (26) - 20 Jul 2005, 19:55

The World Parliament rejects and calls on individuals and ALL governments to reject the application of terror to achieve political, economic, social or moral goals. This application of terror includes state sponsored terrorist actions such as the illegal invasion and occupation of another sovereign state and also individual terrorist actions such as suicide bombings.

The Need to Establish National Security Service within FBI

created by MohdIqbal (302) - 30 Jun 2005, 09:31

I doubt that withe the establishment of National Security Service within FBI as announced by the US President would enable the state to fight against terrorism more effectively. The current structure of FBI must be strengthen, by providing them with more resources rather than with the new establishment of organization within the organization. Hope there will be no duplication of task.... more news

The Presence of American Forces in Iraq

created by MohdIqbal (302) - 02 Jun 2005, 09:33

The Security Council yesderday had approved on the need to maintain the presence of foreign forces in Iraq in ensuring the security on the country. The decision was made upon the request made by Iraqis Foreign Minister that the country is still need them as they were faced with more guerillas attacks from time to time. In my point of view, the root cause of this guerilla attacks could due to the presents of American and British arm forces. I would suggest that this forum should urge the security council to force both American and British Arm Forces to quickly deployed from Iraq and let the task of maintaining the security of the country been done through the peace keeping mission rather than maintaining the available of American and British arm forces in the country.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

created by atif (522) - 30 May 2005, 18:51

Be it the nuclear, biological or chemical weapons of mass destruction - their existing stock must be eliminated and further development stopped by all those countries that possess it - regardless of whether they are developed or developing countries.

Defining Terrorism

created by atif (522) - 25 May 2005, 16:02

We need to clearly define 1) what is terrorism 2) and who are terrorists. American led war on terrorism has blurred the distinction among terrorists, freedom fighters, revolutionists, reformists, and activists. Many countries/states that can easily be described as terrorist states are increasingly tagging their act of terrorism as actions taken against terrorists and terrorism.

Bruce comment; Yes


created by atif (522) - 25 May 2005, 15:47

I urge the international community to tackle the international terrorism from its root causes. Which are 1) settlement of the longstanding disputes of Palestine, Chechnya, Kashmir and other similar conflicts 2) eradication of poverty from developing and underdeveloped countries 3) literacy and education enhancement in developing and underdeveloped countries 4) and building up democratic institutions.

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