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Upcoming Real Life events

Global Week of Action for a World Parliament

The Berlin Contribution to the Global Week of Action will be under the motto

„Ways to a World Parliament – Digital and by Meeting in Person”

Friday, October 20nd 2017, at the Friedrichstädtische Galerie in 10963 Berlin, Stresemannstr. 27 from 07:00 pm till 09:00 pm

in a small informal meeting

the starting signal for the development of an internet tool for global debate, voting and elections will be given. By this, we intend to show that, by going digital, global democracy is a feasible goal.

We then hope to present this internet tool in working mode at the Global Week of Action 2018.

On October 20th we will, however, also propose and discuss ways to approach the goal of a World Parliament by personal encounter on local level – as we believe that both ways, I-voting and meeting in person, are necessary to bring forth the idea of a World Parliament.

-> Want to contribute tot he new tool, wherever you are?
In this case go to
Here you will find – with the already existing World Parliament Experiment – 

a tool for debate and voting which is technologically outdated but nevertheless contains interesting ideas and and functions (e.g., in the sense of Liquid Democracy). Test it as thoroughly as you please – and then give us feedback: and/or, Tell us which tool features you appreciate and what should be taken into account when developing the new tool!

-> Want to be a part of the informal meeting on October 20th in Berlin? In this case please sign in by mail: Please note that the number of participants will be limited!

Program (every bullet point = 10 to 15 minutes)

o Digital Ways to a World Parliament: Idea, Basics, Experiences, Next Steps (Michael Weidinger)

o Live Demo (Rasmus Tenbergen)

o Liquid Democracy e.V., Berlin: Activities and Current Projects (tbc)

o Brain Storming (all participants): „Required Specifications of an Internet Tool for Debate, Voting and Elections“

o Project Presentation „Vigil for a World Parliament“ (Annette Ahme)

o Führung 9 punkt 0: „The Development of Consciousness and a World Parliament“ (Karl-Josef Does)

o Open Discussion


Michael Weidinger and Rasmus Tenbergen

on behalf of

Democracy Without Borders,

World Parliament Now – A World Parliament Experiment real-life and online in Brussels/Belgium, Dortmund/Germany and other locations October 18-19, 2013

A World Parliament Experiment (WPE) will take place in Brussels/Belgium, Dortmund/Germany and other locations on October 18 and 19, 2013 and on the internet ( as a part of the Global Week of Action for a World Parliament (


Before October 18:

- Participants with and without the intention to be in Brussels on October 18 can make proposals online, which will be organized in a parliamentary process and addressed during the real-life meeting

- Participants who will not be in Brussels can give their voting rights to attendees, they can campaign for as many votes as they want (one person, one vote)

- People in other world regions who cannot come to Brussels can create a similar event in their city and interact online

On October 18:

- Starting at 9 a.m.: Welcome Addresses by members of the Coordination Group of the Global Week of Action for a World Parliament

- Introduction to the main theme of the day: the UN Climate Change Negotiations

- A negotiation exercise with introduction and debriefing and a mini negotiation training to get used to the topic of climate change negotiations and procedures (similar to the WPE 2008 in Bonn event)

- Parliamentary discussion and decision on a resolution on climate change

- Discussion and decision on the internet proposals

- Outlook to further activities (End of the event: 7 p.m.)

After October 18:

- On October 19: Meeting of a follow-up team in Dortmund, Germany

- Discussion and voting on the results online

- Integration of the results of other WPEs during the Global Week of Action or later

- Preparation of a longer real-life WPE in Spring 2014


Oct 18: Hotel Van Belle, Chaussée des Mons 39, 1070 Bruxelles,

Oct 19: Ibis Hotel Dortmund West, Sorbenweg 2, 44149 Dortmund,

Oct 20-24: Other locations, to be announced

Possible Participants:

- WPE members

- Attendees of the UNPA meeting in Brussels October 16-17

- Environmentalists

- Students interested in international relations and/or negotiation

- Everyone interested


- The Global Week of Action for a World Parliament

- The World Parliament Experiment


- Registration Deadline is September 30, 2013

- The number of participants is limited (first come, first serve)

- There is no registration fee, donations are very much appreciated


This is a World Parliament “Experiment”: We do not claim to represent anybody who did not give us a mandate, but we want to show the potential of “one person, one vote” – imagine: many people could give us a mandate, how powerful would that be?


Global Week of Action for a World Parliament 2013 :

Part of this week will be:

- A real life World Parliament Experiment in Dortmund, Germany on October 19, 2013 as a preparation for a bigger real-life World Parliament Experiment in Europe March 24-29, 2014. You can already show your interest in these events by writing an e-mail to or you can start preparation sites here on this wiki site.

- Many events in many cities around the world as described on the website, hopefully including many World Parliament Experiments connected by the main website Please write an e-mail to if you need help in organizing your event.

It is a great help for the organizers, if you complete the following questionnaire and send it to: and/or


Your Participation in the Global Week of Action for a World Parliament, 17-24 October 2013

O Yes, I would like to participate in the Global Week of Action in some way.

In particular, I would like to participate in the following aspects (please simply insert a (L) for Leader, I would like to be responsible for part of the action , or a (S) for Supporter, I am willing to help others as shown in the example, if you want to take action related to this specific aspects as shown in the example):

Take a picture of yourself or a group of friends holding a sign with a slogan supporting a world parliament (here is an example for a group holding separate letters: If you’re stuck for something to write, the sign or banner could say: “Let the People Decide – World Parliament Now!” Then send it to us and post it online.


Send messages to your local Members of Parliament and ask them to sign the “Appeal for a Parliamentary Assembly at the United Nations” Visit for more information and to sign the appeal yourself.


Organize public events or demonstrations at universities, public squares, social centers, national parliaments and municipal assemblies, Organize a Model Global Parliament, for example at your local college or University.


Be part of the World Parliament Experiment ( and/or the Symbolic Provisional Online Parliament ( and try to prepare, conduct and debrief the October events in a parliamentary process online and serve as a model for possible future projects.


Create your own event (tell us more)


My name and contact details (at least e-mail, country, city would be nice, a phone number is great): (Example: Rasmus Tenbergen,, Dortmund/Germany, +491772853738)

Model Global Parliament in Australiy, July 27, 2013, Canberra/Australia:

Model World Parliament Conference in Mexico, October 4-6, 2010: [1]

Online interaction with WPE can and will be organized here.

Welcome to the Discussion and Editing page for global participation in the World Parliament Model that is being held in Mexico City from October 4 - 6, 2010. If you have ideas, suggestions, or questions that you would like to discuss you can add them here. If you have specific proposals or resolutions you would like everyone to vote on, you can post these on the World Parliament Experiment website at: If you are not registered yet, you will have to do so before you can post comments or vote there. Please make sure that you save your password so that you can log in again in the future.

You can also vote in favor of the proposal to "accept the invitation of the organizers of The Mexico World Parliament Conference to create online interaction between this event and the WPE members who cannot attend in person" by going to:

Again you will have to have registered on the WPE website to vote or post comments.

Thank you for your interest and contributions.

Rob Wheeler

Past Real Life meetings

WPE at ISFiT 2009

(report already in WPE forum, will be posted here as well)

WPE 2008

A WPE meeting was held in Bonn (Germany) in February 2008.

WPE at ISFiT 2007

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