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Swotty proposed on 10 Oct 2005, 07:43. The proposal was ratified.

"In the interest of developing a workable model for changes to the website I ask all members to consider the following proposal;

With the introduction of "permanent proposals" on the website (with ongoing voting) there is an opportunity for members to sumbit reference material in the form of weblinks attached to each permanent proposal. These websites could also be ranked by members to recommend them or show disapproval.

A links page will also be added to the website to build awareness of other global democracy / justice related websites."

Here are some links, feel free to improve:

Websites directly related to World Democracy

  • Charter for the Global Peoples Assembly Movement (GPAM))

  • Democracy Experiment

  • Electronic parliament

- (Bürgeraktion für direkte Demokratie durch Volks- und Bürgerentscheide)

- (Student World Assembly)

- (World constitution programme)

- (World Unity and Peace Education Department, Montessori school, Lucknow)

- ( Global Network of NGOs for a NEW UN)

- ( Global Democracy now) (also

- (International Movement for a Just World)

- (Global Peoples Assembly Network (GPA))

- (Parlement mondial)

- (Creative application of digital tools for positive global change)

- Digital Democracy and planetary citizenship June 4-6, 2004.

- (umbrella site for world democracy initiatives)

- ( Links about World democracy at page)


- (World Federalist Movement)

- (World Parliament Experiment) (also

- (World future council)

- (a World Parliament for the 21st century (trilingual list))

Websites of people or organisations related to world democracy

- (Centre for World Solidarity)

- (Democratic World Federalists)

- (Campaign for Global Democracy)

- (site of Georges Monbiot)

- (software-related services to enable decision-making and knowledge management to political organizations, national and transnational, governmental and non-governmental)

- On how to organize projects and companies using liquid democracy.

- On global voting

- A proposal to organize a Parliament of the world

- Prout archives on world government

- History of Earth Constitution & World Parliament

- World Constitution and Parliament Association

- Constitution for the Federation of Earth

- World Parliament page

Online Documents About World Democracy

Jan Mikael Stenborgs(Nordfors) booklet about Democracy, Democracy 2.1 - How to make a bunch of selfish and lazy people work together - A Handbook on How to Maximize Collective Intelligence in Politics

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