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Basic editing

Editing a page

You can edit any page by clicking on "edit" at the top. You have to be logged in to do that.

Creating a new page

To create a new page, search the page you want to create (left hand side) and create it if it does not exist already. Please make sure you link to the new page from an existing page, otherwise people won't find it.

Viewing the edit history of a page

The difference between an initial draft document and new changes that have been made to it can be seen by clicking on History in the top menu bar. You will then see a listing of all of the versions of the page in the wiki that you are looking at, listed by date and author. You can thus look at any version by going to the page for the document and then clicking on History in the menu bar. It will show you all of the versions and you can click on the date in blue of the version that you want to read. You can thus see what changes have been made to a document, and by who, over time.

Comparing two versions

You can also compare two versions of the same document by going to its history page and then click on the small circles in front of the two versions that you want to compare. Then click on Compare Selected Versions. It will show you the two versions with the text that has been changed highlighted in red. You may want to review the editing process that has already taken place before adding any new changes to a draft document.

Basic formatting

You type You get
Character formatting '''bold''' bold
''italic'' italic
'''''bold and italic''''' bold and italic
Internal links The [[WPE SPOP]] is awesome. The WPE SPOP is awesome.
The [[WPE SPOP | new SPOP project]] is awesome. The new SPOP project is awesome.
External links The [ main WPE site] is used for voting. The main WPE site is used for voting. (Recommended)
The main WPE site [] is used for voting. The main WPE site [1] is used for voting.
You can vote on You can vote on

== Level 1 ==

=== Level 2 ===

==== Level 3 ====

===== Level 4 =====

====== Level 5 ======

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4
Level 5

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