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Here comes all approved program proposals in this particular field of interest from the WPE pariamentarians, with the most recent one first!


We have to start a global, truly scientific health organisation!

created by Mikael (977) - 28 May 2005, 17:07

Imagine you find an unconventional cheap, natural cure against cancer, with no side effects at all. The chance that you will get research money to prove your findings is very low, if there is no possibility to patent the treatment, which is the case for most natural treatments. Then, if you against all odds managa to finance a research project, there will be problems getting your results published in an official medical paper, especially if it does not confirm with the current medical paradigm. If it gets published, there is a big propability that noone will read it. If someone reads it, the probability that he will implement your treatment is also low, if there is no bif mareting mechanism behind. So, the questions comes: How many cheap, natural cures against cancer did we already miss?

The current system is completely corrupted and almost entirely directed to sponsoring research on patentable syntehtic chemical compunds.

We need to start a global health organisation with the objective of creating a truly scientific global medical science with the objective of sponsoring research and promotion of medical research, regardles if it is patentable or not, and with the objective to find better ways to finance medical research.

A new licensing model for medical drugs!

created by Mikael (928) - 28 May 2005, 19:35

The future Global Health Authority should not allow registration of drugs that is patented by drug companies. In order to let a drug become registered, the patent, copyright or any other rights concerning the research that has helped to release the drug has to become transferred to GHA. GHA will then have the right to collect a licensing fee from the sale of each drug, and the money collected through this licensing fee will be distributed to the entities responsible for the development/research around the drug.

Then all medical companies will have the right to produce and sell the drug, provided they pay the abovementioned sales based licensing fee.

This will separate research and sales in the medical industry, and will allow for more competion among companies in the prodution field. It will also diminish the dangerous effects on pricing that can be a result of a medical company having a patent based monopoly of a potentially life saving drug, as we see with i.e. AIDS drugs in Africa. It will probably result in a more modest and sense based pricing of medical compounds and a more rational spending of research resorces in the medical field.

Bruce Comment: Yes this is urgent!

Smoking bans

created by eva.spilkova (64) - 30 Nov 2006, 15:09

Eva Spilkova Smoking Bans - Stop Smoking

I think there is no doubt that smoking is dangerous and makes your health worse. Smoking contributes to cancer, heart disease, bronchitis, strokes, stomach ulcers, leukaemia, gangrene, asthma, wrinkles, bad breath... Smoking makes you short of breath, making sport and exercise more difficult. Some people often talk about the right to do what they want. But maybe they don’t see the real consequences of their doing. They harm their own health and also healt of the others. Most people killed by tobacco started smoking when they were teenagers. Around half of the teenagers who carry on smoking will eventually be killed by tobacco. Young people often start smoking because they think it's glamorous and grown up, and don't think that they'll be smoking for life. They underestimate the addictive nature of nicotine. It's not like shopping or chocolate - nicotine is as addictive as heroin and cocaine. Secondhand smoke is other people's tobacco smoke. Breathing in their smoke is also known as passive smoking. This can cause headaches and lack of concentration. Each year, around 17,000 kids under the age of 5 go into hospital with complaints caused by smoke from their parents' cigarettes. Smoking Myths - Cigarettes don't make you relax. Nicotine is a stimulant. It actually speeds up your bodily functions - especially your heart rate. Cigarettes don't keep your body weight down and they can even cause cellulite. Some people replace cigarettes with food when they give up and may therefore put on a few pounds. Smoking isn't about being independent. It's addictive, and being an addict makes you more dependent than independent.

I propose: - to aim especially at young people, to make presentations and campains for them to show them that smoking is dangerous and addictive. - smokers should pay higher health insurance or taxes. - ban on tobacco advertising -ban on the sale of tobacco products to people under 18 - absolute ban on smoking in public areas, including restaurants - big penalties when someone break it

.... Informations, Facts.... - on Internet there was an interesting debate that when we want to regulate smoking we should also regulate food and eating, it causes diseases too?!? - One person dies from a smoking related disease every 4 minutes in Britain. - Smoking causes cancer, heart disease and chronic lung disease. It kills 120,000 people in the UK every year and is the single most preventable cause of early death in the world. Passive smoking is responsible for several hundred deaths in the UK each year. - Percent of American women who are smokers: 21% - Likelihood of an American woman being a smoker: 1 in 5 - percent of women smokers living below the poverty line: 29% - Likelihood of a woman exposed to tobacco smoke contracting breast cancer than a women not exposed: 2:1 (Twice as high) - Number of women killed each year by tobacco-related disease: 178,000 - Likelihood of passive smoking increasing the risk of breast cancer in nonsmoking women: 260%

Sources: American Cancer Society; CDC, Agency for Health Care Research

IMF to Cease and Desist

created by swotty (967) - 30 May 2005, 00:15

The World Parliament condemns the International Monetary Fund for forcing poor nations to close hospitals and withdraw public funding for health to pay their debts to rich nations. These methods are proven to be of no benefit to the world community at large or to the companies and governments seeking to reclaim the money owed to them.

Health Security System

created by MohdIqbal (302) - 30 Jun 2005, 09:38

We should encourage more developing countries to start adopting the security scheme system like health insurance implemented in most developed countries. With this adoption, it could improve the delivery system of health service in the said countries. WHO could be mandated to draw out the mechanism in attracting developing countries to go for it.

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