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Here comes all approved proposals from the WPE pariamentarians, with the most recent one first!


Brian Coughlan for World Information Minister!

created by Mikael (928) - 14 Jul 2005, 15:15

I met Brian Coughlan today in Gothenburg, and he said he was very interested in connecting to people already incoled in this project in order to motivate them to participate more. He is working with AOL on statistics and has alot of information about the information society. I propose him as information minister!

henrik for speaker council

created by Tenbergen (1414) - 29 Jan 2005, 18:10

henrik should be a member of the speaker council


created by Tenbergen (1434) - 10 Feb 2005, 13:41

We support the work of the speaker.

Candidate for World Health Minister

created by Mikael (1030) - 25 Jun 2005, 21:01

My name is Mikael Nordfors, and I offer to become the world parliament health minister. I am a medical doctor and best-selling author from Sweden with lots of experience frome the health field. You can read about my ideas on health on this website. I believe that medical science and practice have to become separated from the vested economic interests that now sets the conditions for the medical development, and that we have to find new, more transparent and democratic ways to organize medical science and practise.

support for the speaker

created by Tenbergen (1434) - 16 May 2006, 17:27

We support the work of our Speaker, Fabian Kyrieleis, and explicitly give him the mandate to start campaigns on our behalf based on WPE decisions.

Jan Mikael Stenborg for WPE secretary

created by Mikael (1303) - 05 Mar 2007, 17:50

I hereby candidate for WPE secretary. I have seen that there has been a lack of people taking the task implementing already made decions on the website, updating texts on the procedure etc, and also the task of moderating the wiki and website. I think this should be the task for the WPE secretary. I volunteer to do this, and ask for the assitance from Rasmus and Fabian to get the necessary technical skills. You can read about me on Mikael. Best wishes! Jan Mikael Stenborg

World Citizen Registry and People's Congress

created by Tenbergen (1560) - 19 Mar 2007, 10:59 We support the work of the World Citizen Registry and the People's Congress ( and encourage our members to participate in their activiies, in particular in the 2007 election for the People's Congress.

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