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If you have a question about the World Parliament Experiment or World Democracy, feel free to click "here", or to the right of the headline "New Questions" below and enter the headline text of your proposal. Then highlight/mark the headline with the mouse and click on the icon with A above.(This icon is btw only displayed when you are in editing mode,and will not be seen on the page in its normal configuration)

Then you can enter the rest of the text rest of your text below the headline. Now it can become commented and refined by our other participants by clicking on "edit" to the right of the headline. We will all together do are best to answer it ASAP.

FAQs regarding WPE 2008

- How do I get to the school where we meet on the first day (Saturday, February 23rd)?

You take the bus (ca. 7 Euros including other busses or trains in Bonn) from the airport Cologne/Bonn to Bonn Main Train Station (or get there in any other way). From there you take (underground) line 16 (direction: Köln/Cologne) or line 63 (direction Tannenbusch) until station “Tannenbusch-Süd”, you are now a 7 minute walk away from the school, see map on:

- Where can I find a draft schedule of WPE 2008?

You can find it on:

- What can I do at the moment to make WPE 2008 a success?

The most effective thing you can do is tell others about the event and ask them to sign up on : in our chat meeting we decided that on October 1st, we will probaly close admissions and focus more on other aspects. In addition, if you want to help us to make WPE 2008 a success it would be great if we could all work on the main page, make proposals there and comment on other people's proposals to make this site interesting for newcomers, because we will probably have many people who want to come but cannot make it for financial reasons, so it would be good to have a strong discuss online that we can connect to the real life meeting in February.

- As a registered participant, when do I get the next information from the organizing team?

You will get an email in early October.

- On what basis are participants accepted?

Everybody is accepted. If you can pay for your trip, everything is ok, if not, you can apply for financial support by saying FS in your registration.

- How likely is it that my travel costs will be covered?

Unfortunately, this is not very likely. We are trying our best to get financial support for participants, but we will probably not be able to pay more than a few trips. You will also get new information on this in early October.

- How can I join the chat meetings of the organizing team?

The chat meetings are every first monday of the month, 1pm CET. Here are again the instructions:

  1. Go to:
  2. The sreen shows Nickname, Server, and Channel
  3. Choose a Nickname you like
  4. Leave the Server as it is
  5. In Channel, type: #globalconfederacy (if that is impossible, which was a problem last week, 

see 8.), click login

  6. Now you can read what other people write
  7. If you want to write something, there is a space on the bottom of the page, write there and click enter
  8. If you cannot do step 5, simply click login and once you are in the main chatroom, 

you type: /join #globalconfederacy and you are in our private chatroom

- How can I find the transcripts of old chat meetings?

Go to:

- How much is is to go to Germany from different places in the world?

We do not know exactly how much it is, but we have cheap airlines going to Bonn, for example:,, (to Frankfurt Hahn).

- Must participants pay hotel costs during WPE 2008?

We will be able to offer acommodation to participants

- Will participants get a certificate for WPE 2008?

Yes, they will get a certificate.

- Do you want to participate?

This is the place to sign-up:

- Do you want to join the organizing team?

This is the place to sign-up:

- Do you want to participate in the discussion about the event?

This is our forum:

- Do you want to donate for this project or other world democracy activities?

This is the site to express your interest:

- What are the most important links I should know regarding the WPE?

Main WPE page:

Our forum :

Our wiki :

The WPE 2008 wiki :


Please do not hesitate to ask more questions.

FAQs regarding WPE in general

New Questions

A World Parliament indicates a World Government. What and where is the World Government Constitution for this World Parliament?


(Taken from

We can outlaw war! All human conflicts can be worked out through law. We can live under law globally as easily as we do within our nations, provinces and cities.

Lower taxes globally! "Collective security" will cost you far less than financing your nation's defense against all other countries. Imagine if your city or town had to hire, train and equip a military force in case a nearby city or town invaded! We have "collective security" within our nations; now we need it among all nations.

Solutions for global problems! With a globally enforced peace, we can actually defeat AIDS and poverty, get serious about everyone's human rights, deal with climate change, encourage freedom and democracy everywhere, and build a truly sustainable future for our planet.

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