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== The following proposals have received wide support in the World Parliament voting system. Many of these proposals are also followed by informative responses from other members which are not reproduced here, but can be found under 'Program' ; 'Environment' at the original website; www.tgde.org. ==


Carbon Credits Belong to the People

created by alternz (1033) - 16 Mar 2005, 09:10

The governments of all countries that have ratified the Kyoto Agreement should be urged to recognise that Carbon Credits should belong to the people not to the polluting industries. Individuals should be able to set a minimum price at which they are prepared to sell. Polluting Industries should be compelled to buy the credits from the people (if they cannot clean up their act or plant new trees) and monies from the sale should be paid out to the people. Prices will rise as we try to reduce Carbon output. This mechanism would increase the incomes of the poor to keep pace. It would also reward people who do not purchase the products of polluting industries.

Coal mining 'vs' coal burning

created by Huggsy (382) - 28 Nov 2006, 23:50

Australian environment minister Ian Campbell said recently that stopping the large-scale mining and exporting of coal from Australia would not stop other countries from burning coal to make power, because they could just get it from other places, and so Australia should continue to make money from coal.

I believe this attitude is the same as saying: not making and selling guns won't stop people from killing each other, so we might as well make them and sell them.

I invite members of the WPE to comment on the ethical and political implication of this attitude, and propose that we vote to significantly reduce coal mining in Australia and other countries, with a view to promoting the advance of low-carbon and carbon neutral technologies in Australia and around the world.

New Global Environment Treaty

created by Merlov (72) - 04 May 2005, 15:01

I submit that the Kyoto protocal doesn't go far enough. It merely commits signatory nations to reducing their CO2 emissions to 1990 levels. I suggest a new treaty to obligate signatory nations to force car maniufacturing to change cars from peterol as a source, to solar energy or rechargable batteries. The technology for both was developed in the 1980's, so it won't take long for individual nations to impliment it.

*This proposal did not receive 'Yes' for >50% of the vote

Japan to stop whaling

created by swotty (967) - 24 May 2005, 10:42

The World Parliament condemns plans by the Japanese government to abuse it's economic power in the international community in applying to double it's annual harvest of whales. We request the International Whaling Commission to demand transparency of the Japanese Government and to provide clear and extensive evidence of the end use of these mammals, supposedly collected for 'research'. Without this evidence all current harpooning should be called into question.

Moratorium on Old Growth forest exploitation

created by Matt Quinn (23) - 01 Jun 2005, 13:17

It is generally agreed that over three quarters of Earths original forest ecologies have been destroyed or seriously degraded through commercial exploitation and relatively low value-added exploitation such as logging (e.g. Dingo Creek Australia). Much higher value 'partnership' activities such as medicine R&D and eco-tourism are possible, which generate economic advantages while ensuring the survival of the eco-structures which generate them. Considering that over 50% of all species of life-forms on this planet exist in such areas, it is here proposed that such ecologies be protected.

Tobacco Plantation

created by atif (522) - 05 Jun 2005, 22:34

I urge the international community to restrict cultivation of tobacco to a minimal level. In many of the African countries more than half of the deforestation has been caused due to cultivating and curing tobacco. And what's more the conditions in African countries is far from acceptable, whether they were producing tobacco or not. WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control which has recently came into force, is not suitable to tackle tobacco from its root, that is its production.

The Coffee Crisis must end.

created by swotty (967) - 10 Aug 2005, 11:05

The WPE urges all members to investigate their own purchase of coffee, and attempt to source fairly traded coffee. A worldwide oligopoly (cartel) of coffee-roasting companies is pocketing the profits of the third world without our consent and must be held to account. I also urge members to visit Oxfam’s website www.maketradefair.com and follow the links to ‘the issues’; ‘coffee’; and ‘Act Now’ to send emails to the CEO’s of these companies; Sara Lee, Nestle and Kraft.

Tell Monsanto where to go!

created by swotty (967) - 10 Aug 2005, 13:43

Monsanto Corporation is committing terrorism against our world food supplies in it’s greedy pursuit of money. It’s utterly unethical biotechnology is solely designed to exploit nature with the help of international law to monopolise the global production of food crops. A prime example is it’s new Terminator Technology seeds, genetically designed to become sterile in the first generation. A Canadian farmer was even taken to court by Monsanto to pay royalties on his genetically contaminated crop!

The company’s links to the Bush administration are also startling. The United States Secretary of Agriculture Ann Veneman and Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld were board members of Monsanto subsidiaries before assuming office. Linda Fisher, deputy administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency, which is responsible for regulation of GE crops, was previously vice-president of government affairs for Monsanto. This pattern of friends in high places recurs globally.

The WPE is fed up with corporations flouncing their ethical responsibilities and urges all members and visitors to this site to send a message to Monsanto from here and ‘sign the petition’ here.

Bruce Comment" YES all of these genetically modification of seeds is destroying natural seeds. It is also developing seeds crossed with humans, to raise medicines. These will be put into food, like it or not. They do not consider if a person has a reaction to this unwanted medicine, nor the long term effects such as building a tolerance to it and than it is useless. This is one of the most dangerous things being done. Our whole food system is at stake.

USA to ratify Kyoto.

created by swotty (967) - 31 Aug 2005, 10:36

The WPE implores the USA to ratify the Kyoto Protocol. This international agreement is currently the world’s best solution to the increasingly obvious effects of climate change. The financial strangle-hold of the USA over global trading and politics will clearly not benefit any nation, least of all the USA. The WPE warns the USA that it is setting itself up for a monumental economic crash when it’s own systems of insurance for such natural events can no longer cope with their expense. The world is at risk and you are part of it, like it or not.

Hurricane Katrina

created by swotty (967) - 31 Aug 2005, 10:45

The members of the WPE express our shock and sadness in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The sheer power and violence of this storm has stunned the world. It is a cruel irony that the storm should predominantly effect the only nation capable of ensuring the global ratification of the Kyoto Protocol. Such global issues can only be handled by reaching a global consensus, but international power is currently only defined by economic wealth. Those who continue to deny the existence of climate change should look here and stop ‘burying their heads in the sand’.

End Farm Subsidies

created by swotty (967) - 21 Sep 2005, 11:00

The USA, Europe and others in the ‘First world’ are sucking the last life blood from the ‘Majority World’ with agricultural trade protections. By subsidising their own farmers with millions of dollars from their own international trade empires, these nations are forcing the value of food commodities below the global cost of production. Poor ‘majority world’ farmers are committing suicide in their droves rather than face the shame of debt to the global corporations that profit from farm supplies.

The WPE calls the WTO to account for allowing rich countries – proponents of free trade – to continue to subsidise their own farmers. The global inbalances this has created is causing untold suffering.

The WPE commends Tony Blairon speaking up for this issue, but demands more than words. More information here.


created by swotty (967) - 21 Sep 2005, 11:09

The WPE stands in solidarity with the farmers of the ‘Majority World’ in defending the diversity of life on the planet.

India is a prime example of such corporate greed gone ballistic. Corporations struggle again and again to put a price on our living world. The genetic structure of wheat is not a commodity anyone can lay claim to. Bees do not ‘steal’ pollen. Biodiversity is not ‘robbing’ us of sunshine. These are the claims of the Monsanto corporation, a company with the complete backing of the current US administration in its avoidance of its international responsibilities in a shameless persuit of profits. Further information.

Ratify the Kyoto Protocol

created by Fabian (621) - 01 Oct 2006, 15:14

The WPE implores the USA to ratify the Kyoto Protocol. This international agreement is currently the world’s best solution to the increasingly obvious effects of climate change. The financial strangle-hold of the USA over global trading and politics will clearly not benefit any nation, least of all the USA. The WPE warns the USA that it is setting itself up for a monumental economic crash when it’s own systems of insurance for such natural events can no longer cope with their expense. The world is at risk and you are part of it, like it or not.

Reading the Stern Report

created by Huggsy (382) - 01 Nov 2006, 05:25

I ask the assembly to consider the Stern Report published by HM Treasury, UK. The report is available by clicking the following link:

Stern Report

The report contains complex economic theory which is beyond me at the moment. However I ask you to support the proposal that members of this Parliament Experiment should attempt to read the executive summary on-line, and if they're really interested then to attempt the entire thing (577 pages).

Emission trading vs. nuclear power plants

created by nap2005 (26) - 08 Nov 2006, 14:13

In connection with emissontradeing nuclear engergy becomes more attractive due to the fact, that it is a from of producing engergy that does not release greenhouse effects in the sense of Emissiontrading. It is obvious that this does not push forward a development towards Energyproducing without the usage of Nuclear powerstations. This could even cause a reversement abandoned nuclear powerstations or a stagnation in the process of shutting nuclear powerstations down. Of course, right now we are not at the point to exclusively live of alternative energies, but the tendency should move towards renewable- and away from nuclear energiy. And we can definitly not achieve this by making nuclear energy more attractive.

So I ask the WPM to pass a law that puts nuclear energy on the same level to the non-emission-free engergy producing methods.

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