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Here comes all approved program proposals in this particular field of interest from the WPE pariamentarians, with the most recent one first!


Equal property rights in natural resources

created by alternz (1033) - 23 May 2006, 13:05

Make a statement that the natural resources of our planet belongs to the people!

created by Mikael (751) - 28 Apr 2005, 07:27 (see Program) and adapted by Alternz.

One of the fundamental problems regarding world economy and environment is that a few privilidged people have captured the natural resources of our planet. Natural resources like oil and minerals have been created by the universe, and thus should belong to the entire humanity, and not to the particular family or company who once happened to put a sign with "private property" on the particular area of land or sea where the natural resources where located.

Everyone now pays a huge ransom to these economically privildged people who happen to "own" the land where the natural resources are located. These creates great economic inequalities, is a big burden on world economy and for many countries who do not have access to natural resources. It also hurts the environment, that is very dependant on how many natural resources we transform into waste and pollution.

I therefore suggest that the world parliament shall control these resources pay every person in the world a dividend and charge those who wish to use these resources sufficient to cover the cost of the dividend.

I second the spirit of this proposal but am not sure if we need to wait for an effective
world parliament. There is an essential resource relating to this most important issue
(fully relevant to the category "human rights" as well). It is a recently published study
by Fred Harrison, "Ricardo's Law".

Janos 01:04, 22 February 2007 (IST)

Agreed that resources are unfairly shared (i.e. not shared). However, rather than our each getting paid a dividend from them, we need to be given an equable portion of them so we can feed and otherwise provide for ourselves.

Economic Justice Think Tank

This would be a group to assemble the knowledge base to develop the theoretical foundation on which an efficient but socially and environmentally responsible economic system could be developed.

The group would provide the knowledge needed for effective advocacy directed at fiduciary institutions, such as government departments, persuading them to redesign existing economic policies and practice so that they "serve everyone and protect the earth". -- Janos 25 March 2007 (IST)

Monopoly Privileges

There are two fundamental monopolies whose enormous benefits are siphoned off by private interests. One is the monopoly over the control of natural resources (including land rents of urban sites); the other is the monopoly of creation of a nation's money supply by the private banking and finance system.

The socio-political remedy for the first is taxation in the form of Land/resource Value Capture (see Geonomics); for the second, the phasing out of the national debt and conventional taxation by capturing all new money created "as a fee-earning public service) by the banking/finance system (see Monetary Reform).

Boycott the rich.

created by swotty (964) - 10 Aug 2005, 11:53

The WPE urges all members from developed nations to reassess their shopping habits. Every cent we spend is now tracked by the suppliers of what we consume and represents an opportunity to send powerful messages to the companies we choose to support and boycott. These choices also directly affect the fate of those in other nations, especially the developing world. This power greatly outweighs the volume of aid we are currently giving and must be treated seriously. A good place to start is the list of boycotts (and their reasons) available on

A good place to start is the list of boycotts (and their reasons)...
Hall of shame could be another heading for such a list of companies.
However, defenders of the status quo will tell you that these companies keep the economy, which feeds the world, going. -- Janos 14:33, 21 June 2007 (IDT)

Emissions trading

created by jasper (62) - 22 May 2006, 15:17

The emissions trading market for the EU, that has just ran through a turbulent test phase, should be continued with a significantly reduced number of CO2 certificates. The German proposal to retrospectively withdraw emission certificates from the market, should be welcomed as a means to stabilise the market and to achieve Kyoto targets.

Corruption in Coffee

created by swotty (964) - 17 Jul 2005, 08:34

I call for nations of the third world to unite to raise the price of coffee. This price is set by an undemocratic and blatantly corrupt arm of the United Nations known as the International Coffee Organisation (ICO). The recent criminal slump in the price of coffee, dubbed the ‘Coffee crisis’ (by the ICO itself!) has seen a correlating increase in poverty in all exporting countries.

The ICO gives price-setting power to the importer countries (chiefly the USA) in proportion to how much they consume (I refer members to Article 13 of the ‘International Coffee Agreement’ or ICA).

Brazil as the highest volume exporter and home of the World Social Forum should recognise the link between poverty and the coffee price, and take action to lead other nations in withdrawing from the ICA. Following this action, these governments should begin collecting excise taxes from the foreign-owned companies growing the coffee, and using the money to restore their own infrastructure, beginning with public education and health.

All of this information is freely available on the ICO website;

Curbing Corruption at Grass Root Level

created by MohdIqbal (302) - 01 Jul 2005, 09:34

I really want to urge this WPE to propose to any relevant agency (internationally) to encourage all political parties througout the globe to consider the agenda of curbing corruption among their members. The political party must ensure that it has a mechanism in curbing the practice at their political party level. This could prevent members who had practiced corruption in the party (without any corrective action having been taken against them) from being selected as a leader in the country. The consequences of this leader being elected would be harmful to the country. By having such mechanism, stern action can be taken from the begining as preventative measure against such party members becoming the actual leaders in the country.

Boycott the Amerian Dollar!

created by Mikael (928) - 04 May 2005, 06:16

The current government has been acting against the global interest by refusing to ratify the Kyoto agreement, respecting the International Court in Haag and mant other international environment and peace initiatives. It also spends huge amounts of money on military costs and military initiatives not backed by the Global Community, and finances these undertakings by using its world wide economic dominance and the world economies dependency on the dollar.

The budget of USA is severly underbalanced and the country`s economy is not in a healthy condition, and this threatens the entire world economy, with i.e. Japan and China spending hugh amounts of money in trying to support the american dollar, as a fall would lead to catastropical consequences f or their very export oriented economies.

If your dept is big enough, it is not the bank that ownes you, but you who ownes the bank. The American government knows this and is using it in order to get "a free lunch" on the cost of the rest of the world.

The biggest export product fromAmerica is neither cars, soft drinks or movies, but simply the dollar.

The most appropriate way to demonstrate against this global misuse would be to simply boycott the dollar.

I suggest that the world parliament formulates and makes a statement against this misuse of the world economy by the American government, and also strongly suggests all individuals, organisations, companies and government agencies to do their international trade in other currencies than the dollar. This would without any big sacrifices probably be one of the most effective actions to create a real change in the world! Bruce comment; I agree. We US citizens have no control over the US Gov. WE need help from "the World". Than perhaps we cam get a I & Binding Referendum statue passed.

Organise a Global Currency!

created by Mikael (928) - 04 May 2005, 06:20

I suggest that the world parliament as soon as possible introduces and organises a global currency for fair world trade with exchange rates established to all conventional currencies . I also suggest that all trade done by the world parliament should be made in this currency. I suggest the name "globo".

A suggestion on how to start a global currency.

created by Mikael (928) - 12 Jun 2005, 16:46

In my opinion the following will be the starting principles of a global currency:

1. The rules for the currency will be decided continuously by the WP.

2. It will be time based, with working hours as the basic unit. This will provide a value unit facilitating exchange rates between already existing Lets and Timebank systems, thereby creating an international alternative exchange currency.

3. Based on assets held by the WP, it will also have an exchange rate against hard currencies like euro and dollar.

1 Globo = 1 unskilled working hour

created by Mikael (928) - 12 Jun 2005, 22:57

The World Parliament will pay all its employees in Globos. 1 Globo is defined as 1 unskilled working hour. Skilled work requiring i.e. years of unpaid education can be payed by more than 1 Globo per hour. There will always be an exchange rate between Globo and other currencies, for thoose who needs to transform Globos into other currencies in order to pay their living.

Have the Goal to issue a world parliament credit card

created by Mikael (928) - 12 Jun 2005, 23:02

I think we shall have a goal to ASAP get the right to issue a World parliament credit card, accepting Globo payments, as well as other currencies.... This can become the main method of payment between world citizens in the future.

Connect the ranking system to the Globo

created by Brunberg (72) - 20 Jun 2005, 16:25

Mikael has created several votes on a WPE administered time-based currency called the Globo which have been approved by the GA. Since the WP ranking system is in a sense a time-based ranking I propose that each point that is generated by the ranking system for a member of the GA also generates one Globo (or other desirable percentage of a Globo) for that member. This implies that the ranking system is adjusted so that the points given for each action that can be performed on the WPE web site is accordingly adjusted to reflect the time that action generally consumes.

This would: 1. ... mean a fast start for an implementation of the Globo. 2. ... create a useful implementation of the ranking system beyond measuring member activity.

The Globo always have to be backed by a value.

created by Mikael (928) - 12 Jun 2005, 23:00

In order to have the right to issue Globos, the world parliament always to have a real value backing behind, as performed work, other currency exchange, natural resources, land or other assets.

State-monopoly universal health provision

created by Merlov (72) - 04 May 2005, 13:40

Private healthcare in literally every country focuses mainly on operations. Wheras the state-provided health care goes beyond that into 'care' of the patients, especially with prescription medicine and nursing homes.

Both because I'm a socialist and because of some real practical arguments I oppose any private healthcare. If you have private healthcare alongside state-provided health care, you end up with a two-tiered health system and some people will be able to 'jump the queue' by paying for better health care in the private sector.

Plus, there is usually some government assistance to people to get private health coverage which means people are paying for the private health care of others, healthcare is payed for twice & there is a duplication/waste of resource allocation.

So I would like to submit that there should not be a private health sector, but a state-monopoly provision of universal healthcare. Free at the point of delivery.

Bruce comment: I agree. The USA has programs for Veterans, low income people, elderly, children. What is left is gravy for the "Insurance Conglomerate", the age of 24 to 65 who have few health issues. Corporations make poor governments for the people.

Hour Money

created by Bob Blain (12) - 28 Apr 2006, 03:36

Print "Hour Money" on all money in the world. Make the wage and price standard an hour of money for an hour of work. People negotiate variations among themselves as now with the improvement that all understand work time to be the real price. Money's job is to communicate reciprocity among specialists producing wealth through competent labor. Hour money will guide prices and incomes toward fairness to everyone's benefit. It's time to get money right. Ironically, time will do it - time money. Soon, work time prices and wages will be as normal as meters and grams. Simple, which it must be to work well among the billions of people on Earth. Alternative: Have the World Parliament pay Earth Hour money to people who produce goods and provide services promoting peace and sustainable well-being. This alternative is more a complete solution than the previous one. The previous one is partial because it leaves the world with many different currencies, which might not be a bad thing if coordinated.

Climate Change Mitigation

created by Huggsy (434) - 21 Feb 2007, 10:02

I ask the members of the GA to recognise that the most recent IPCC summary reports that climate change occurring now and in the coming century is, with 90% certainty, human-induced.

The GA should also note the reported risk of economic shortages caused by shifting rain and other weather patterns.

I propose that the GA accepts that:

1. Personal consumption of goods and services is directly linked to human-induced climate change through the mechanism of the greenhouse effect.

2. That some economic losses due to climate change are entirely unavoidable now and in the future.

3. That other economic losses are likely to occur through attempts to mitigate climate change, such as restrictions on emissions, decreases in consumption.

The conclusion to this argument is that a reduction in personal consumption, to a level that is sustainable in an ecological sense, is the unavoidable requirement of life on earth. The WPE calls for Governmental action to ration resources on this basis.

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