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According to several approved program votes, we have created this wiki page called ‘Draft Proposals’, where you are supposed to post your proposals, so that other people can help you with improvement and feedback, before they become future votes. All Proposals shall be anonymous in the wiki, debating and voting phase, according to a decision taken on the 5th of March 2007. If you want your name to be public after the acceptance of your proposal, send an e-mail to jmstenborg@gmail.com about your wish, and your name will be published.

Feel free to click on "edit" to the right of the headline "New Proposals" below and enter the headline text of your proposal. Then highlight/mark the headline with the mouse and click on the icon with A above.(This icon is btw only displayed when you are in editing mode,and will not be seen on the page in its normal configuration)

Then you can enter the rest of the text rest of your text below the headline. Now it can become commented and refined by our other participants by clicking on "edit" to the right of the headline. We also suggest that you log in and click on "watch this page",so that you can keep yourself updated with new posts to the page. Authors of a new proposal will be requested to provide weblinks to "further information" if possible. Draft Proposals will be transformed to future votes by the WPE team after a period of debating and refinements, if you do not do choose it yourself before.

If you do not figure out how to enter your proposal anyhow, send it to worldcit@googlegroups.com or jmstenborg@gmail.com and ask for it to be entered here.


New Proposals

Cooperate with Humanitad in order to set up World Problem Solving Internet Site

I was recently visiting Sacha Stone from www.humanitad.org in London, and we decidedid to list some of the main problems for the world today, and then set up a set of Problem Solving Conferences, where people can propose solutions to these problems, debate each solution, and rank all the different solutions resulting in a ranking list that can be seen by everyone. Votes shall be updateable, and in the latter stages links can be made to different alternatives aiming at giving each individual who wants to help a concrete task that he can perform in order to help/contribute solving each particular problem. Mikael Stenborg 26/4 2007

I agree. I read, thanks to your suggestion, the information about Humanitad and those few, but rich contributions on their blog. I think that these people are thinking and working toward solving of some main world problems and with them we could discuss about definition and later regarding of these main principles of our future life, we began to talk about. But you see, if we want to cooperate, our contributions must be also well prepared, written and explained. This is chance that we go with our thinking again from our current problems around software and WPE voting system into the matter, which should be really the main objective of the WPE. It is a chance, that we learn to discuss constructively, while only this can give real value to given proposals. Only listening, reading, voting and not controlling, what happens then will not give the power and respect to our project. I hope that the idea will succeed and I will try to contribute to it according to my possibilities. Milan Malej 3/5/2007

Register WPE with the People's Congress

During its plenary session, on March 4, 2006, the People's Congress decided to create a Registration Legal Service. This service is intended for communities and organisations who specifically want to be registered outside the national legal systems in place using the democratic legitimacy that the People's Congress can give them,because the People's Congress has been established by Trans national democratic world elections. The creation of this registration legal service will be the basis of emerging world civil rights The initial current period is open to organisation of the Civil Society to register Trans national by-laws, interior regulations board members list, conventions, service contracts and all other legal civil life contracts. Excluded are all the documents requiring the appeal to national legislation like real estate property, brand property and people private life contracts. Every registration to the legal services is bind to the People's Congress moral authority and the organisation will have to accept arbitration by the People's Congress or any organisation designated by the People's Congress. Registrations can be made in 4 languages: French, English, Esperanto and Spanish We shall register the World Parliament Experiment as an NGO under the Peoples Cogress.

Proposals already transferred to the voting area

Proposals Transferred 8/5 2007

Proposals Transferred 24/4 2007

Proposals Transferred 10/4 2007

Proposals Transferred 2/4 2007

Proposals transferred 26/3 2007

New voting procedure with delete option

Updates to www.tgde.org and www.world-parliament.org website

Loose Change: a load of old cobblers

Anonymous proposals

An Israeli/Palestinian settlement

The world parliament should not interfere with free speech

Jan Mikael Stenborg candidate for WPE secretary

Let us begin discussion and planning for the World Democracy Bibliography

Create The WPE Booklet using this wiki site.

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